Tourist program for 15 days

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What the trip includes

Entrance ticket to the museum
Tour guide
Travel insurance

Flight Overview

First day

Reception and transfer to the hotel

Arrival at Istanbul International Airport Reception and transfer to the hotel Receiving rooms Free time Return to hotel.
Day 2

Breakfast Tour tour to get to know the sights of Istanbul

The Grand Palace overlooks the Sea of Marmara and the Strait of Istanbul, where the sultans of the Ottoman Empire lived for more than 300 years beginning in the 15th century. The mosque has a total area of 699 thousand square meters. Hamad (called the Blue Mosque was established by order of Sultan Ahmed I in 1609) - the market covered (Qabali Jarshi), the largest markets of Istanbul, which is covered with stone contracts and includes thousands of shops and a market for gold and cloth, carpets and copper artifacts and has a global reputation.
Day 3

Suspension bridge

Our car starts from the European part by car via the suspension bridge to the Asian part. After visiting the great palace we go to the top of a hill in Istanbul, Asia (The hill of the puppets) where the charming and picturesque landscape and a panoramic image of the Asian and European parts of the highest hill, watching the Strait of Bosphorus and Golden Horn Bay and the Sea of Marmara and then tour of the famous neighborhood of Ortakoy under the Bosphorus bridge and drink coffee or Arquila to whomever he likes and Waffle famous for its good taste and back to the hotel
Day 4

Museum of Islamic and Turkish throat

Breakfast and departure to the city of Bursa and a trip to the hill Frik in the Ouldag Mountains and ride the cable car with a wonderful natural view and visit the great tree and the green market and the mosque and the Green Tomb and the Islamic Museum in Bursa and visit the shopping places,
Day 5

City of Yelwa and sulfur baths

Breakfast and a tourist trip to the city of Yelwa and sulfur and mineral baths in Yelwa charming and swimming in the sulfur water at the expense of the subscriber who wants to visit the Marmara Sea
Day 6

Small waterfall stock market and cotton market

Breakfast and visit the historic village and natural honeycombs known by the bourse and the small waterfall and the cotton market and bird park in Bursa
Day 7

Free shopping day and return to Istanbul

Free time to shop and bid farewell to the airport to return to Istanbul to follow the tourist program
Day 8

Bosphorus Sea

The journey begins to go to Istanbul's Amirgan Garden overlooking the Bosphorus Sea, watching the beautiful nature and flowers, then the Al-Wiss Park, then visiting the Istanya Park and then back to the hotel.
Day 9

Wax Museum

The journey begins in the morning to visit the tallest tower in Europe with a height of 261 meters above sea level. It consists of 54 floors, where you can eat and watch Istanbul from the highest peak through the restaurant at the highest peak and after the tower visit the wax museum in the same tower and watch the statues of the wax characters. Wax in Turkey
Day 10

City of Games Villa Land

Breakfast and a tourist trip to the picturesque city of Vialland, the largest gaming city in the Middle East, shopping and return to the hotel
Day 11

Forests of Belgrade

A coastal journey through the Bosphorus and the picturesque panorama to reach the north of Istanbul and then enter the most beautiful and best beaches on the Black Sea, where the pure water and scenic views and enjoy the descent of the sea and water games and touring the most beautiful coastal areas on the Black Sea and then lunch in the most luxurious coastal restaurants After the end of swimming, the forests of Belgrade, one of the world's largest forests, are surrounded by pine trees and rustic restaurants, where they spend the best time in nature and then return to the hotel.
Day 12

The journey of the Bosphorus and the Egyptian market

The journey of the Bosphorus and the Egyptian market Breakfast Cruise in the Bosphorus to get to know the city of Istanbul with its European and Asian shores while enjoying the charming beaches, mountain villas and ancient Ottoman palaces passing under the bridge. The bridge stretches between the Istanbul and European sections of Istanbul. In the world in terms of length (1500 m) and height of 65 meters and width of 33 meters, which is the only bridge connecting the continents of Asia and Europe and visit the Egyptian market Spice and spices market and return to the hotel
Day 13

Sultan Ayoub's Journey, Perotti Café and Istanbul Cable Car

Breakfast, then go to the Sultan Ayub area, visit the Berlothi cafe, ride the Istanbul cable car, visit the shrine of the companion Abu Ayyub Al Ansari and the surrounding markets and then return to the hotel.
Day Fourteenth

Travel to Spanga and Maashokih

Traveling to Sabanga and Maashouqia: It is a region famous for its green hills, gardens, gardens, waterfalls and lakes. Journey program: After breakfast and between 8:30 and 8:30, guide with a guide to visit the waterfall of Mahashoukia away from the noise of Istanbul inside the historical tourist city and visit the hill of Kartaba and climb the hill by car and enjoy the views overlooking it And the Sabanga Lake, which is described as one of the gardens of the earth and visit Lake Spanga fresh water, which is famous for its waters, the largest lakes of the Sea of ​​Marmara and enter the forests and then give free time to sit between Embrace nature and sit on its legs and ride on the back and back to the hotel
Fifteenth day

Return to home land

Free time to buy gifts and bid farewell to the airport to bid farewell and return home land

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