Tourist program for 20 days

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Entrance ticket to the museum
Tour guide
Travel insurance

Flight Overview

First day

Istanbul International Airport

Arrival at Istanbul International Airport Reception and transfer to the hotel Receiving rooms Free time Return to hotel
Day 2

Top Kapi

The Grand Palace overlooks the Sea of Marmara and the Strait of Istanbul, where the sultans of the Ottoman Empire lived for more than 300 years beginning in the 15th century. The mosque has a total area of 699 thousand square meters. Hamad (called the Blue Mosque was established by order of Sultan Ahmed I in 1609) - the market covered (Qabali Jarshi), the largest markets of Istanbul, which is covered with stone contracts and includes thousands of shops and a market for gold and cloth, carpets and copper artifacts and has a global reputation.
Day 3

The Princess Islands are four islands in the Sea of Marmara

A full day cruise to visit the Princess Islands is the four islands in the Marmara Sea, which are traveled from the port of Kabatash (Port Gas Asa - Finali Asa - Hibli Asda - Buick Asa) Swimming pools and restaurants and rising as I walked away from the sea to become an exquisite sight and green slopes descend to meet the blue waters of the Marmara Sea back to the hotel.
Day 4

Ottoman palaces

A tour of the Bosporus Strait to explore the city of Istanbul with its European and Asian shores and enjoy the charming beaches, mountain villas and ancient Ottoman palaces passing under the bridge of the strait bridge between Istanbul and Europe. Bridge in the world in terms of length (1500 m) and height of 65 meters and width of 33 meters and visit the Egyptian market market spices and spices and return to the hotel.
Day 5

Bursa and the rise of the Oldag Mountains

A trip to the city of Bursa, the rise of the Ouldag Mountains, the cable car ride with a magnificent natural view, the visit of the great tree, the green market, the mosque, the Green Tomb, the Islamic Museum in Bursa and visiting the shopping places,
Day 6

Trabzon City

Breakfast and departure Istanbul towards Ataturk Airport to head to Trabzon and Trabzon
Day 7

Oznjol and visit the knives exhibition

Breakfast and a tourist trip to Uzngol : Ozon Gul and visit the exhibition of knives in Surmna _ Rest in the tea plant and taste And access to the ool-ogun and rest at waterfalls
Day 8

Journey of Eder

Journey of Eder Breakfast and then go to the area of Eider, which is a wonderful area in terms of wetness and ambience around .. After finishing lunch and then return to the hotel
Day 9

Antalya and hotel access

Breakfast and then depart towards Antalya and arrive at the hotel and overnight
Day 10

The Falls of David

Breakfast and then take a trip to know the city of the sun Antalya and visit the waterfalls Daouden, 3 km from Antalya to watch one of Antalya's most beautiful waterfalls and walk to the mouth of the main waterfall where the length of 10 km to see the caves and landscapes and then go to the city shopping market and visit factories Leather and visit the old city to get to know them and then return to the hotel
Day 11

Swimming in Antalya

Free time to enjoy swimming in Antalya
Day 12


Breakfast and departure from Antalya airport and head to Istanbul to visit Ortakwe at night
Day 13

Olos Park

The journey begins to go to Istanbul's Amirgan Park overlooking the Bosphorus Sea and from watching the beautiful nature and flowers, then Al-Wiss Park,
Day 14


After breakfast and between 8:30 and 8:30, visit the waterfall with the guide to visit Istanbul's historic city, visit the Kartarba hill and climb the hill by car and enjoy the views of the area of Maashouqia and Lake Sabanga, which is described as a garden of the earth and a visit to Lake Sabanga fresh water Which is famous for its waters and is the largest lakes of the Sea of Marmara and enter the forests and then give free time to sit between the embrace of nature and sit on its coast and ride on the back and then return to the hotel in Istanbul and overnight
Day 15

Puppet Hill

A trip to Ortakoy and Tel Arayes is the highest point in Istanbul and Istanbul with a beautiful view and back to the hotel
Day 16

Black Sea Coast

A trip to the forests of Belgrade and the Black Sea coasts of Kilios and spend a full day swimming
Day 17

Go to the Sultan Ayub area

Breakfast, then go to the Sultan Ayub area, visit the Berlothi cafe, ride the Istanbul cable car, visit the shrine of the companion Abu Ayub Al Ansari and the surrounding markets and then return to the hotel
Day 18

Fia Land

Free Day in the City of Games and Shopping
Day 19

Free time shopping

Free time shopping
Day 20

Delivery to airport and return

Delivery to airport and return

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