The most beautiful tours and excursions in Istanbul

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Best Tours and Tours in Istanbul 2017-2018-2019


The most beautiful tours and excursions in Istanbul

We offer you a variety of trips and tours to visit the best and most beautiful areas and places of Istanbul and the cities of the nearby ones such as Bursa, Spanga, Yalwa, Sheila and Agua

The tours are available on a week-long basis without interruption … Now you can spend a nice time choosing one of the following flights and we are confident that you will be happy with us .. We will provide you the best services under the supervision of tourism experts in Istanbul

A list of 14 flights is available daily


Round 1

Ortakoy Tour and the Bosphorus Exploration Trip

In the morning and after breakfast, the company’s car will be waiting for you. Start the journey from the hotel, visit Yildiz Palace first, then go to Orta Koi, visit the ancient mosque of Majdi and then tour the market of Orta Koi where accessories and clothing stores, fish restaurants and more. We head for the cruise to explore the Bosphorus and the passage

Under 3 bridges connecting Europe and Asia you can have tea, coffee and drinks on board

After the tour, we will complete the tour by visiting the tallest tower of Safir Tower in Istanbul and then back to the hotel

This trip is available in a private car Mercedes Vip with driver speaks Arabic and can accommodate up to 8 people in the car

The cost of the trip is US $ 120 per person

Starting at 10 am

Return at 9 pm


Round 2

A tour of the Istanbul Aquarium, the beach and the magnificent Flora Mall

In the morning and after breakfast at 9 am the driver will be waiting for you. The tour begins with the launch of the largest water city. Aquarium is the largest giant water zoo with entertainment areas, restaurants, cafeteria, toy shops, children’s dolls in the form of sea animals, Various entertainment films

Aquariums with an area of ​​22 thousand square meters in aquariums, some of which are giant, such as the names of the sharks, some and the other small and there are 1500 species of marine animals distributed harmoniously easy and flexible, making it easier for visitors to enjoy through the corridors of the aquarium with different scenes of marine life water from many areas

There are more than 1500 different species of fifteen thousand marine creatures. The visitor is enjoying entertainment to many places around the world in a record time.

After the tour of the water city we will move to the Mall of Flora and then visit the beautiful Florea beach and if you want to barbecue we provide you or lunch in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

The last stop will be a tour of the Al Fateh neighborhood and the famous Fawzi Pasha Street

This trip is available in a private car Mercedes Vip with driver speaks Arabic and can accommodate up to 8 people in the car

The cost of the trip is US $ 120 per person

Starting at 10 am

Return at 9 pm



Round 3

Tour of the Polish village and the Picos region

In the morning and after breakfast the driver will be waiting for you to start the tour of the Polish village within the village. There are many museums that enabled the residents to view and preserve their heritage. There is also a memorial in which the residents present the visitors with souvenirs and the documents and books are sold. The Polish village is characterized by its complete calm and distance from the hustle and bustle of the city. Also in the Polish village there is a festival called the barbecue festival, where the food is distinguished by the Ottoman style and the traditional Polish food slaughtered Islamic leaflet, it is also a swimming natatorial large, natural ponds very councils in beauty village places souvenir very distinctive Turkish-style Ottoman, you find in the village likes when visitors visit Turkey beauty and tranquility and souvenirs with traditional Ottoman character of traditional Turkish food and contests barbecuing.

After spending your time in the village, we will take you to the city of Bekoz

The Bekoz district is one of the most beautiful parts of Istanbul. Picos is known for its legendary surroundings and its recreational areas, which rival each other in beauty, its blessed land, its raging sea, its strait and its green forests, which at the same time are a vast hunting ground.

We will visit the beautiful beach, the large forest, the Alexandrbasha Mosque, the Isaac Aga Fortress, the Anatolian Fortress, the Kushuk Sue Palace, the Anatolia Lighthouse, the Picos Palace, the Mihrishah Fortress, the Citadel of Yuros and the Yuca Hill.

This trip is available in a private car Mercedes Vip with driver speaks Arabic and can accommodate up to 8 people in the car

The cost of the trip is US $ 150 per person

Starting at 9 am

Return at 9 pm



Round 4



Tour museums in Istanbul

This is the most recent and most beautiful tour of your trip to Istanbul where you will be able to know the history of Istanbul through this trip we will visit the best areas


First stop – Aya Sophia Museum

The Hagia Sophia boasts a majestic building at the highest point overlooking the confluence of the Bosphorus Strait with the Golden Horn Strait in the European sector of Istanbul, Turkey. In Sofia, you will see an invaluable treasure of history and the glory of the Ottoman Empire accompanied by the character of civilization

Second Station – Sultan Mosque

Ahmed is a historic mosque in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey and the capital of the Ottomans (from 1453 to 1923). The mosque is famous for the name of the Blue Mosque in relation to the blue tile that adorns its walls. When you visit Sultan Ahmed Mosque you will see two civilizations next to each other Byzantine civilization and Ottoman civilization

Third Station – Islamic Museum

The museum is located in Sultanahmet Square and the Islamic Museum is one of the rare museums in the world in terms of manuscripts presented,