Istanbul’s old suit and the Otakwe tour

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Istanbul’s old suit and the Otakwe tour


Full day tour in Old Istanbul


This trip is available by private car only and all days of the week

Including visits to the following areas

Sultanahmet – Sultan Ahmed Mosque – Museum of Hagia Sophia – covered market

Islamic Museum Top Capi Palace

And then tour the charming Orta Cui under the Bosphorus Bridge


Flight time

Starting 9 am

Return 10 pm



Trip Planner

At 9 am the driver will be waiting for you to start the tour of old Istanbul

The first stop

The visit to the Sultanahmet Square and the entrance to the Blue Mosque, which features six minarets as well as the ancient Ottoman architecture, is considered one of the oldest and largest mosques in Turkey

The second stop

Will be visiting the Museum of Hagia Sophia, which was a church is one of the most prominent examples of Byzantine architecture and Ottoman decoration and turned into a mosque in the reign of Sultan Mohamed the Conqueror and then became a museum in the era of the Republic of Turkey will be a beautiful time in the tour of the Hagia Sophia,

Third stop

Is the palace of Toby Capi Sarai and is called the Arabic High Gate

Topkapi in Ottoman means Topkapı Sarayı, the largest palace of the Turkish city of Istanbul, and the residence of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire for four centuries from 1465 AD

Fourth stop

We will tour the market covered Grand Bazaar named Turkish Kapali Charchi This market full of shops that offer all kinds of goods, especially traditional handicrafts and gold and diamonds and clothing for all ages in this market more than 4 thousand shops connected to each other you will see tourists from All over the world they came to the covered market to get to know the most beautiful areas of old Istanbul


The evening station

After the completion of our tour in old Istanbul we will go to a tour of Orta Koi under the Bosphorus Bridge where the cafes, restaurants and Turkish events that are abundant in the area of ​​Orta Koi will find in Ortakoy a special taste for pleasure in terms of Bosphorus Bridge and ships passing through the Bosphorus Strait One of Istanbul’s tourist icons, you can eat chestnuts, grilled corn topped with Turkish cheese and grilled potatoes stuffed with sauce

There are a seating area and there are dozens of restaurants and cafés

Finally return to the hotel

The cost of the trip in a Mercedes Vito private car can accommodate 2 to 8 people

Driven driver speaks Arabic and Turkish

125 USD for all individuals

No matter how many

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